About Aurora

What art offers is space—a certain breathing room for the spirit.

The Aurora Story

AURORA Sinks is a dynamic company, developing and introducing new models on a regular basis. There is little doubt that we are your quality, affordable source for the latest in functional and fashionable sinks and faucets. Our customers enjoy a variety of products including glass, stone and bamboo sinks as well as a large collection of waterfall faucets. We proudly stand by each of our products, which is why they are backed by a lifetime warranty. Positive and memorable is how we hope to make your experience with AURORA Sinks.


The Craftsmanship

Our natural stone sinks are created from granite, marble, onyx and sandstone. Hand-carved by skilled artisans, they are all extremely durable and each vessel has its own distinctive characteristics and colorings.

Crafted from 100% natural bamboo stalks, AURORA bamboo sinks are not only beautiful, but also eco-friendly. After a cutting, with roots intact, a new stalk is quickly regenerated, making it a very renewable resource. Layered strips of genuine bamboo are pressed together and laminated to form one of the most attractive and impenetrable wood-like surfaces available.

AURORA glass vessel sinks are formed of tempered glass. The tempering, or strengthening, is achieved through controlled thermal or chemical treatments. As a safety feature, tempered glass crumbles into small granular chunks instead of jagged shards if ever broken, and is very sanitary due to its non-porous nature which will not absorb odor or stains.


Our Designs

AURORA Sinks believes in excellence by innovation. The creative energy never wanes in the research and development department. Trends are studied and customer requests are considered before any new sink or faucet designs are introduced into the marketplace. From classic to contemporary, traditional to modern, AURORA has something for everyone. We are always striving to achieve the pinnacle of industry quality and satisfaction in all of our products. With an array of choice in design and material, we provide a comfortable purchasing experience by offering excellent customer service and support.