Aurora Cleaning

Cleaning Glass Sinks

"Our glass sinks can handle higher temperatures than normal glass and maintenance is very low."

General Care and Cleaning

Glass sinks should be cleaned regularly to avoid mineral and bacterial buildup. This includes the exterior of the sink as well. Standard glass cleaners can be used, but if not available, a mixture of vinegar and water will clean effectively. Rinse the sink and wipe dry with a soft cloth. Avoid abrasive cleaners or scouring pads which may scratch the glass. To avoid any damage to exteriors which have a foil or printed application, a gentle touch should be used when cleaning.

Water Temperature

Although our glass sinks can withstand high temperatures, extremely hot water may cause the sink to crack or shatter. As a general rule, if the water is too hot to the touch, then it is too hot to be in a glass sink.


Do not store heavy or sharp objects above glass sinks. If they should fall, they can scratch or shatter the sink. A chipped or cracked glass sink cannot be repaired.

Frosted Glass

Glass is 'frosted' by either sandblasting or exposing it to hydrofluoric acid until it has a uniform opaque appearance. This surface is very durable and can be washed with an ammonia-based glass cleaner using paper towels, newspaper or an abrasive sponge in circular motions.

Hard Water

Wipe the sink dry after each use to avoid spots, especially if you have hard water. Long-standing spots caused by hard water can create mineral stains which cannot be removed.